Brief History

May 1914
Established "NIPPON RINGYO COMPANY" with JPY 100,000.00 in capital. Produced bicycle tubes,various rubber hoses and industrial rubber products.
Mar. 1924 Changed the company name to "NIPPON RINGYO CO., LTD."
Apr. 1937 Started production of aircraft high pressure hoses and automotive rubber hoses.
Aug. 1943 Changed the company name to "NICHIRIN RUBBER INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD."
 Constructed new factories in Kobe, Osaka, and Himeji to reinforce the production of aircraft hoses and oilproof packings.
Jul. 1945 All the factories were burnt down during WW ll.
Mar. 1946 Reconstructed and relaunched Himeji factory.
Mar. 1958 Obtained JIS labeling approval for hydraulic brake hose assemblies.
Mar. 1970 Moved Himeji factory to Bessho-cho.
Mar. 1971 Constructed Atsugi factory and started manufacturing. (Current Atsugi distribution center)
Apr. 1985
Established Hamamatsu branch office as a business base in Chubu region.
Oct. 1986 Established local corporation  "SUNCHIRIN INDUSTRIES(MALAYSIA)BERHAD” in Malaysia as the affiliated company.    It became non-affiliated company in Sep. of 2014.
Jul. 1991  Changed the company name to "NICHIRIN CO., LTD."
Jun. 1994  Established overseas office "NICHIRIN (THAILAND)CO., LTD." in Thailand.
Oct. 1995 Certified ISO9001.
Dec. 1996 Established overseas office "SHANGHAI NICHIRIN AUTOMOBILE
Aug. 1997 Listed on the 2nd section of Osaka Securities Exchange. (Current Tokyo Stock Exchange.)
Oct. 1998 Established overseas office "NICHIRIN COUPLER TEC U.S.A., INC." in the US and "NICHIRIN COUPLER TEC MEXICO C.V." in Mexico.
Feb. 1999 Established overseas office "NICHIRIN U.K. LTD" in the UK.
Jul. 2000 Certified QS9000.
Feb. 2002 Certified ISO14001
Feb. 2005  Certified ISO/TS16949:2002
Nov. 2005 Increased the capital to JPY 1,729.00 million
May 2008 Established overseas office "NICHIRIN VIETNAM CO., LTD." in Vietnam.
Oct. 2010 Established overseas office "NICHIRIN AUTOPARTS INDIA PVT.,LTD." in India.
Apr. 2011 Established overseas office "PT.NICHIRIN INDONESIA" in Indonesia.
Jul. 2013 Established overseas office "HUTCHINSON NICHIRIN BRAKE HOSES,S.L." in Spain. (Company name changed to "NICHIRIN SPAIN S.L.U." in 2018)
Oct. 2013 
Increased the capital to JPY 2,137.00 million.
Nov. 2013 Increased the capital to JPY 2,158.00 million.
Jan.2018 Certified IATF16949:2016.