CSR Information

CSR Information

Environmental Conservation

Based on the recognition that environmental conservation is globally common assignment among all humankind, Nichirin strive to contribute to the 21st century by harmonizing with the environment as one of its management assignment. In order to systematically implement and promote environmental conservation activities, we have our “Environmental Principle and Environmental Policy”, and obtain ISO14001 certification to be verified the status of implementation from a third party.

Basic principle

Nichirin recognize that its business activities are closely related to global and local environmental issues, and regard continuous efforts to address environmental issues to realize a sustainable society as a priority management assignment. By actively engaging in various sustainable activities, Nichirin develop not only ourselves, but also contribute to the development of society.

Environmental Policy

1. We build an environmental management system that enables us to operate our environmental initiatives in the integrated manner with our business activities.
We continuously improve our environmental performance.

2. We conduct eco-friendly business, including resource and energy conservation, and reduction of CO₂ emission and waste.

3. We promote activities to reduce environmental impact from the viewpoint of reducing environmental pollution and extending lifecycle of our products as part of our efforts to address global and regional environmental issues.

4. We comply with all environmental laws and regulations, voluntary standards, and other agreements.

5. We make all executives and employees and others engaged in related business activities aware our environmental policies and necessary information, as well as make them available to the public.

Environmental Target of Nichirin Group

Based on the Nichirin Environmental Principle, we strive to reduce CO₂ emissions, expand and develop eco-friendly activities, and contribute to the realization of “the society that is friendly to people, communities, and the earth”.

Priority Assignment -Short-Term-

・Risk management of chemical substances
・Reduction of waste
・Reduction of CO₂ emission

・Preliminary evaluation of substances with environmental impact
・Waste reduction through business improvement
・Reduction of energy consumption through eco-friendly activities

Management targets

○ Risk management of chemical substances
  No evaluation of new products and materials

○ Reduction of waste
  Reduction in waste volume by at least 2% compared to the previous year (basic unit)
  *Amount of waste (kg) /Amount of hose production (km)

○ Reduction of CO₂
  Reduction of CO₂ emissions by 1% or more compared to the previous year (basic unit)
  *CO₂ emissions (tons) /sales volume (million yen))

Green Procurement Programs

We comply with laws and regulations regarding the use of chemical substances that may have an impact on the environment, set internal standards, and promote activities together with our suppliers.

○ Basic Policies
Promotion of activities to reduce environmental impact through partnership between Nichirin and its business partners

○ Nichirin Green Procurement Policy
 - Nichirin, together with its business partners, make effort to commit to the global environmental conservation and realization of a society capable of sustainable development.
 - Nichirin promotes “Green Procurement” as one of its activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.