Invenstor Relations


Questions about NICHIRIN

When is the company founded?
May 1914 (Taisho 3). Please refer to the "History" section for the detailed information.
Does the company belong to any Japanese automaker?
We do business with almost all motorcycle and automobile manufacturers in Japan, but we do not have any capital relationship.
What is the relationship with Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder?
At the time of Taisho, we became independent of the rubber division of Suzuki Shoten, which is the source of General Trading Company. Representative companies originating from Suzuki Shoten include Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd., Sojitz Corporation (formerly Nissho Iwai Co., Ltd.), Teijin Co., Ltd., and Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd. is the direct line of the founder of Suzuki Shoten. It owns our shares because of our historical relationship. However, our business activities are not restricted because our main business is different and there is no business relationship with us.
Is it a manufacturer specializing in automotive hoses?
Ninety percent of sales are for automobile hoses. Although there are many types of hoses for automobiles depending on the application, our products specialize in high-performance hoses for automobiles, such as brake hoses, car air conditioning hoses, and power steering hoses. We are highly recognized the only domestic manufacturer receiving the high reputation. We are also focusing on expanding housing-related hoses, motorcycle fuel hoses, and other products, taking advantage of our long-standing hose manufacturing technology. For more information on our products, please refer to "Product Information".
Why do you hold a nearly 100% market share of the Japanese market for motorcycle brake hoses?
Hydraulic brake hoses for motorcycles are installed on disk brake vehicles. Since the disc brake requires subtle brake feeling for each model, we have been responding to this. We believe that it is the outcome of our effort respond any user's needs rapidly, such as preparing series of hoses with different inflation rates and assorting a wide variety of mouthpiece fittings.
I would like to know about the company’s environmental efforts.
Please refer to "Corporate Information about NICHIRIN's Efforts" for information on our environmental conservation efforts.

Financial questions

I'd like to get recent financial results.
Please refer to various materials in the "Summary of Financial Results".
How do you understand the recent performance trends?
Please refer to the Financial Highlights.
Does currency exchange affect business performance?
Since the Group productions and sells in Japan, North America, Asia, and Europe, and is translated into yen in the consolidated financial statements, changes in exchange rates at the time of translation have an impact on operating results. In particular, the U.S. dollar is more affected than other currencies because of the value of the transaction. If other currencies are assumed to move in tandem with the U.S. dollar, the ¥60 million to ¥80 million (annual) profit would be affected by the ¥1 U.S. dollar exchange rate.

Questions concerning risks in business operations

What is the basic approach to the corporate governance?
We consider strengthening corporate governance to be one of our most important management issues, and in order to ensure its effectiveness, we have taken measures to ensure that internal controls and risk management are properly functioning in the areas of management decision-making, execution, and supervision.
Details are available on the website of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (
Does the expansion of EV (electric vehicle) affect the company’s sales?

[Brake hose]
Though some of the EVs under development are electric brake systems (hoses are not used), currently, hydraulic brake hoses are installed in electric vehicles. In the future, electric brakes are possibly used in some vehicle models, but the impact is expected to be limited because hydraulic brakes are expected to continue in the mainstream.

[Air conditioner hose]
Even EVs are equipped with air conditioning systems, which have little impact. However, since the heat source of the engine runs out, it is expected that the heat pump system will become mainstream for air conditioners. We strive to develop hoses that meet the required SPEC if there are any changes.
Although not related to the development of EVs, the number of models equipped with internal heat exchangers (IHX) is increasing as a result of the change in refrigerants. We are pioneering the development of IHX and are working to expand sales.

[Power steering hoses]
Regardless of the EV system, hydraulic power steering is progressing with electric power steering (not equipped with hoses) in order to increase fuel efficiency. By 2022, we expect sales of power steering hoses to almost disappear. In addition to expanding sales of conventional products such as brake hoses and air conditioner hoses, sales of IHX and air conditioner curved tube hoses are expected to complement.

There are concerns about recalls and product liability litigation. Please tell us about your initiatives for quality.
We have obtained IATF16949 certification, an international standard for quality management for the automotive industry, and are continuously improving our quality management system.
We also manufacture products that conform to the safety standards of each country, such as the U.S. Automobile Safety Standards (FMVSS) and the Chinese Auto Parts Safety Standards (CCC). In addition, we are at the core of our group-wide commitment to maintain high quality.

Questions about stocks

When did you list your stock?
It is listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange (currently the Tokyo Stock Exchange) in August 1997. The security code is 5184.
Do you have a shareholder benefit plan?
The system was launched for shareholders who hold more than 100 shares (one unit) listed or recorded in the register of shareholders as of December 31, 2014.

【Concerned shareholders】
Shareholders who hold at least 100 shares (one unit) listed or recorded in the register of shareholders as of December 31 of each year shall be concerned.

【Contents of the courtesy】
 We plan to present a QUO Card once a year in accordance with the following categories.

○Number of shares held
More than 100 shares worth ¥1,000 of Quo Card
¥2,000 QUO Card for 1,000 shares or more
¥3,000 QUO Card for 5,000 shares or more
When is the Shareholders’ meeting held?
The annual general meeting of shareholders is held in March every year. For details of the date and time of the meeting, we sent a notice of convocation of the general meeting of shareholders approximately two weeks before the date of the meeting to shareholders who have voting rights registered in the register of shareholders as of the end of December.
Where do you hold a general meeting?
The meeting is held in Kobe City, where the headquarters is located. For details, please refer to the convocation notice, which is sent approximately two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.
Who is the manager of the register of shareholders?
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust and Banking Corporation. We entrust all of our share-related operations to the Substitute Securities Dept.