Invenstor Relations

Management philosophy and future vision

Management philosophy

Contribute to the 21st century with a joyful and trustful manufacturing spirit (Monozukuri) that touches our hearts

  Nichirin aims to contribute to the 21st century by fulfilling its responsibilities to employees and shareholders, as well as society. We take on the challenges of each individual's work (Monizukuri) in Research, Development, Purchasing, Production, and Sales with responsibility and enthusiasm, enjoy to be trusted of the next process (customers), as well as continue to earn stable profits.

Nichirin Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Nichirin Group implements the following seven basic concepts and aims to be a company that not only generates profits through fair competition, but also contributes to society broadly.

1. Compliance to laws and ordinances
  We comply not only laws and regulations but also social norms, conduct fair and transparent transactions based on self-help and self-discipline, and conduct corporate activities with good faith.

2. Contributions to society
  We strive to promote activities that contribute to society, including contributing to the development of industry and local communities, and returning part of our earnings to society by valuing the basics of traditional manufacturing and providing superior products considering the safety and environment.
3. Disclosure of Corporate Information
  We enhance the transparency and soundness of our management by disclosing information not only to our shareholders but also to society.

4. Consideration on Local Environment
  The protection of the beautiful local environment is a common wish for all humankind, and we recognize that our corporate activities are closely related to environmental issues. We consider continuous activities to prevent the destruction of the natural environment and pollution as a management issue, and we implement activities that make the environment beautiful for all employees.

5. Creating a corporate environment where employees can exercise their abilities
  We respect the personality and individuality of each employee and strive to establish a personnel system and human resource development program that enable them to fully exercise their abilities. We will also promote the creation of a corporate environment in which employees can work with motivation.

6. Non-involvement with criminal organizations
  We cut off any and all relationships with anti-social forces, organizations and individuals that threaten the order and security of society.
7. Management on a Global Basis
  We conduct business with a global perspective, and respect local laws, cultures, and customs at our overseas bases, and actively contribute to the development of each local community.

Mid-Term Management Plan
 (2015-2020: NICHIRIN Growth Strategy 2020 <NGS2020>)

Concept of the Mid-Term Management Plan

Toward Further Evolution and Growth (Growth Strategy for 2020)
  The six-year Mid-Term plan from 2015 is expected to mark a turning point in which technology and functions in the automotive and housing equipment fields and what customers need are significantly changed. Taking advantage of these changes in the business environment, we aim to be a corporate group that continuously creates and delivers new value by accurately grasping the needs of the rapidly changing times through "Taking on challenges to achieve higher goals without fear of failure" and "Management with emphasis on not “scale” but “quality”."

 Under the Mid-Term Management Plan (NGS2020), we embrace the year of the company’s 100th anniversary in 2014 as a new start, and work on the reforms of “Business (Structure)”, “Scheme (System)”, and “Human Resource (Skill)” as well as “increase in Business Value” by ensuring the implementation of Six Overall Strategies and Priority Measures in the period (six years) of the Mid-term Management Plan.

Vision and Six Overall Strategies

 A corporate entity that correctly identifies demand of fast changing times and keeps creating and
 providing “New Value”.(6 Overall Strategies)  

  1. Enhancement and Expansion of Growth Sectors
  2. Creation of New Business
  3. Reform of Profit Structure and Enhancement of Profitability
  4. Global management reform
  5. Acquisition and Development of Global Human Resources
  6. Increase in Business Value through Reliable Corporate Activities and Social Contribution

Mid-Term Management Plan (formulated in December 2014 and revised in December 2017)
(Million JPY) 2017 Result 2018 PLAN 2020 PLAN
Sale 59,375 59,500 60,500 or more
Operating profit 8,516 8,500 8,700 or more
Ordinary profit 8,629 8,500 8,700 or more
Net income 4,883 5,000 5,400 or more

 (NOTE) The exchange rate level for the 2018 plan and 2020 target is USD 1 = JPY 110.