Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

NICHIRIN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NICHIRIN" or “We”) recognizes that the personal information NICHIRIN  acquires should be strictly managed. NICHIRIN establishes, implements and maintains the Privacy Policy with regard to the acquisition, use, storage, management, etc. of personal information as follows.

◆ Basic Policy

●We comply with laws and regulations related to the management of personal information, as well as with the guidelines  and other standards established by the government. We manage all personal information acquired for business operations  and employments with respect to these rules.

●We specify the purpose to acquire and use personal information. We do not handle any personal information beyond the sscope necessary to achieve the specified purpose, nor use for any purposes other than the specified. Appropriate management measures are taken to prevent unauthorized use. 

●We do not provide any personal information to any third party, except in cases where the consent for disclosure is  made or in accordance with the requirement of laws and regulations. 

●We investigate and respond to any complaint or consultation regarding the handling of personal information in good faith within a reasonable period of time. 

●We take preventative and corrective measures systematically, personally, physically, and technically from leakage, loss,  or damage of personal information.

◆Purpose to use personal information

・To exercise rights and fulfil obligations under the Company Law
・To provide benefits to its position as a shareholder
・To take measures to facilitate the relationship between shareholders and NICHIRIN
・To manage shareholder data required by various laws and regulations

・To manage information, communicate, and conduct business negotiations smoothly in our business of hoses for automobiles, hot/cold water taps, and other housing-related hoses 

●The Vehicle introduction system
・To operate the Introduction System for Automobiles. To provide to automobile manufacturers and dealers with the prior consent of the individuals.

●Job applicants
・To provide recruitment information and communication with applicants
・To manage recruitment service

◆Shared use of personal information

●The personal information obtained by NICHIRIN and the personal information obtained by its subsidiaries and affiliates  may be shared to the minimum extent necessary for the purpose of use of the aforementioned personal information.

●NICHIRIN manages the information sharing.

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