Motorcycle Brake Hose

NICHIRIN Brake Hose (for Motorcycle Hose)

Available for various types of motorcycles, including family, super sports, touring, and off-road. Well-prepared for not only current brake system but future antilock brake system. Easier piping design with varied functional expansion volume and flexible hose and pipe combination. Stainless mesh hose also available for special use.

・ Sharp and stable brake feeling. 
・ Developed and submitted to extensive laboratory tests following a wide range of specifications from customers worldwide. 
・ Homologate to operate in severe environmental condition.
    (superior weather and ozone resistance)


・ Our "Ultra-Low Expansion hose" was developed to bring you a extremely fast brake actuation time.

・ Designed for Mortorcycles's aggressive driving to fell quick response.

・ Light weight combined with outstanding flexibility required to absord vibration and loads.

FMVSS Stainless Braiding Hose

・ Lower expansion and fatigue for street use to FMVSS No.106.

・ Outer resin on Stainless braiding for sharp appearance.


・ Resin Brake hose.

・ Light weight compared to Rubber hose. 

・ Available for some color variations.

Brake hose for Bicycle mountain bike (MTB)

・ Sharp & stable brake feeling.

・ Designed with motorcycle technology base.

・ Available for some color variations.