Automotive Air Conditioning Hose

NICHIRIN Air Conditioning Hose

・ Low permeation

・ High durability

・ Low moisture permeation

・ Applied to major car manufacturer's specifications.

・ Available for changing refrigerants including from HFC134a through
   to HFO1234yf in the future.

NICHIRIN All Rubber A/C  (SAE J2064 Type A Equiv.)

・ Highly flexble all-rubber construction

・ Reduces transmissibility of noise and vibration

・ Excellent resistance to heat and moisture ingression

・ Applied to SAE J2064

・ Construction  <EPDM/PET/IIR>

NICHIRIN Veneer A/C (SAE J2064 Type E Equiv.)

・ Single braid polyester "Veneer" construction with Polyamide tube

・ EPDM cover for exceptional abrasion, weather and ozone resistance

・ Light weight and flexible

・ Applied to SAE J2064

・ Construction  <EPDM/PET/IIR/PA>