Automotive Other Products

Other Products (For Automotive)

・ ATF Hose (Automatic Transmission Fluid Hose)

・ EF-TUBE (foe CO2 Refrigerant Air Conditioning System)
 Can be used for many purpose with a variety of flued. 

・ Oil Cooler Unit
 With aluminum pipe and Stainless steel spring turbulatore Light aluminum cooler unit offers highly efficient cooling capability.

・ Vacuum Brake Hose (for Brake system) and more various Hoses.

・ Hydraulic hose for roll control system

・ Air Brake Hose
・ Clutch Hose
・ ESC Hose (Stability Control Hose)
・ CNG hose
・ Oil  Cooler Hose
・ Suspention Hose
・ Urea SCR Hose (for Diesel Emissions Reduction)